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Jul. 21st, 2012


Loyalty of Love

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Jun. 14th, 2012


Loki - Sigyn (playlist)

Anyone reading my blog will notice there are some fanfics for these two. This playlist originally formed because of LJ RP where Sigyn has been corrupted by evil. However a lot of these songs fit for my LoyalMischief pairing on Twitter with @BornofLoyalty/@CuteLoki. Here it is:

“Playlist”Collapse )

Most Recent Update: November 21, 2012

Jun. 11th, 2012


Lives and Memories Passed

((inspired by role play stories between lostnolonger and world_made_free))

How can I believe this person who has stood before me was once the very man who had tended my wounds upon my return to Asgard so long ago? The caring son of Odin that I once knew, though his smiles were rare and he often was seeking solitude there were things about him which captivated me. There was something about him that stole my heart long before I knew I had one to give freely. How could this creature of mystery and beauty who had interfered in my marriage to another, have become such a… Monster?

I had long stood by his side through everything. The nights we shared had been nothing short of wondrous, and now I dread the very thought of laying my eyes upon him. Did he ever know what I used to see in him? I never spoke every word of what I felt, I knew his desire to hear sentiments was never great.

Sighing, the dark haired warrior ran her bone thin fingers through her curled strands. She had noticed the changes within her features, the dullness which her skin and hair had taken on, the darkness of her attire, the thinning of her once athletic form. He had not been the only one who had changed, his absence in her life caused this, caused her to wither into a frail being. How she wished he had chosen to plunge that dagger into her lifeless breast, ending to her heartache and oft times silent misery.

I wish I could turn back the sands of time, return them to their proper place so that I could save him from this terrible fate which he worked upon himself. I wish I had told him that when we were alone, when we were ourselves, the light in his eyes, the simple smile he would share with me.. That.. It was all more beautiful than the whole of Asgard.

I would trade anything to have that back. As much as I curse myself for feeling this way, there is still love within my fragile, old heart. I wish it were enough to bring back my love, bring back the reason I continued to exist for so long. I miss my husband, and though they too despise the being he has become, our children do long for their father.

Closing her eyes, Sigyn was soon startled by the hand of Frigga upon her shoulder. She had become so flighty in the days since Loki had returned to all of them. If there had been no one else to turn to, Sigyn would have been completely alone. But it was Frigga who had picked up the pieces in Loki’s absence. She spent the days urging her to eat, to get out and live her life until Loki could be returned. Neither of them expected the end results. Sigyn’s sons had spent sleepless nights at their mother’s side as she cried and reached out for someone who wasn’t there. It tore their hearts to watch her clench a vacant pillow into her arms, pressing it to her heart as though it was him.

“I’m sorry.” Frigga’s voice was soft, matronly as it had always been. Carefully the All-Mother slipped an arm around Sigyn’s shoulders. “You have much on your mind.”

“There is always much on my mind.” the dark haired woman answered almost immediately.

“When was the last time you slept? Or ate?” there was obvious concern.

Sigyn hesitated but shook her head. She couldn’t truthfully remember when she had done either. It could have been hours, days, perhaps a week. If she had to be honest with herself she wasn’t sure that it was important any longer. What was the point after all, of living with the misery and pain of a life that had been torn from her?
“You must have something.” again the matronly tone as she tightened her arm around her fragile shoulders and helped her to stand. “I will accompany you, I am sure Sif..”

“I don’t care about Sif!” the tone of her voice was harsher than one she had ever used towards the All-Mother. Frigga, rightly startled took a step back, retracting her arm. Sigyn knew it had been dangerous to get so angered but the mere thought of her fellow warrior sparked a deep seeded fury and jealousy. “I’m sorry… I.. I don’t wish to have company… Please.. Leave me to my thoughts.”

Gathering her dark shawl about herself she hurried from the room she had been occupying. She wasn’t sure how long she could stand this torment, she was screaming inside every day, a screaming that was driving her slowly into madness with each waking hour. And yet she endured, she endured because she still loved him, after all of the things he had done.. After all of the terrible words that had been passed between them.

Entering her chambers she pressed the door closed with her back, her eyes closing to allow long pent up tears to glide over her pale cheeks. The twin drops of moisture felt like ice over her anger warmed flesh. Balling her hands into tight fights she went to her bed, laying upon it only to curl in upon herself. How much she longed to finally waste away, to feel the finality of it all. It was an endless battle, and yet she continued to fight it, he was still her husband and she his wife.

She would endure.
She had to, for her name meant victory.

To give him would be to lose him. To lose him would be to lose herself. To lose them both, she would not achieve that victory.

As with every night as she shed a day’s worth of tears, she made a decision; she would continue to fight for them both.

May. 17th, 2012

Sherlock & John

Happy Birthday @kevinklines (expanded)

Alright I know I already did one of these on Twitter, so people who follow me there and are reading this? Um.. Hi? *innocent wave*

Frankly Twitter doesn’t allow enough space for everything I wanted to say and I was also just waking up so everything was just.. Not as good as I wanted. Still it was pretty good, just not.. WOW.

What was it I said? “Happy birthday to the lovely, super sweet, super amazing, bestiest besty of mine I hope she has an amazing day *noddles*“?

Something along those lines anyhow.. (okay that’s actually a copy/paste of what I said, hush it!)

What I really wanted to say was something like:

Happy birthday to the person who is the Watson to my Holmes, the Katniss to my Peeta, the lovely, super sweet, super amazing, bestiest besty of mine. I hope she has an amazing day and I hope she gets all those Kevin Kline dvds she asked for, because frankly her addiction to him is far worse than her addiction to Arrested Development. (seriously it’s bad, shhh).

I hope she knows how important she is for me and how grateful I am to have her in my life. She’s one of the few people who have helped me to want to become a better person despite all of the rough times I’ve been facing lately. She’s helped to heal my heart in ways that I never thought, or really expected, that anyone ever could. She truly is a great person and a great friend.

She deserves the best the world has to offer, and with luck she’ll have one of the best of very many, remember what I said you’re living to be 1000 years old) birthdays to come. I love her with all of my heart, and come what may (resists urge to break out into song and go all Moulin Rouge- she’ll know the song haha) she’ll always have a place both in my heart and in my life.

Couldn’t imagine having a better friend and I’m thankful every day that she was born into this world.

I uh… Think that covers it? Yeah pretty sure that would have gotten me jailed over Twitter. So yeah.. Happy Birthday Maddie! YOU ROCK!

May. 12th, 2012


A Silent Victory (Mycroft/Eames -Finale)

"I..." Eames gulped down a few breathes.

"Yes?" Mycroft inclines his head, eyebrows lifting in that quizzical way they often did.

"I em..." another hesitant pause. "I... I can't.."

A slight grin comes to Mycroft's face. "You can't, what?"

"I just.. I just can't.. I.." Eames chewed at his lip in utter misery as he stared down at the pie and the chocolate.

"You can't choose or.." Mycroft let the words linger in the air. "You can't have either?" he'd given the man so many pies and so many chocolate bars there was no doubt in his mind the man was growing sick of them. Both figuratively and quite literally.

Making a tortured noise Eames drops his head to his arms and admits to his defeat. For all of his joking about the methods this man had, he couldn't laugh any more over them. He had been right in saying how he would be able to cure him of this strange addiction.

Mycroft leans forward, cutting himself a piece of pie. "Well then.. That settles it. Consider yourself cured Mr. Eames."

May. 6th, 2012


For Pie and Country ( attn: @kevinklines )

"Give it back." Mycroft's ears had long since gone red after this confrontation started five minutes ago.

"Then give me the pie." Eames huffed out a laugh. He'd found Mycroft's weakness, now it was time to make him crack. He'd noticed it when he first arrived and began to work on curing his problems. Mycroft had a fondness for umbrellas, not just umbrellas per say but one in particular that he took with him wherever he went. Of course the sticky fingered thief wasn't going to let this chance pass him by.

"This isn't funny any longer give it back, now." Mycroft found it hard to resist the urge to stamp his foot like a small child about to throw a tantrum over not getting his favorite toy.

"You're really attached to this thing." Eames smiled all the more, giving Mycroft's prized umbrella a twirl in his hand.

"It's my favorite umbrella, if anything happens to.. John! How lovely to see you again. How is my brother doing, I trust he's getting along with the case well?" Mycroft's anger instantly melted into fondness as John Watson entered the flat.

Watson of course stood in the doorway a look of confusion on his face as his eyes shifted between Eames who was holding an umbrella, and Mycroft who was holding a pie in his hands. Of course his mind went over who this new man was and why he had the umbrella, further more he had no idea why Mycroft was randomly holding a pie. From what he had been so spectacularly informed by Sherlock, Mycroft's food of choice was often cake.

"Did I come at a bad time? Should I have phoned first?" his eyes continued to go between them.

"Not at all, John. I'm just helping Mr. Eames here with a bit of an addiction problem, he however has decided to be funny and steal my umbrella." the anger was quick to come back to Mycroft's face as Eames gave him a cheeky smile. "I could have you killed for this."

"For.. Stealing your.. Umbrella?" Watson shifted his weight on his feet, his confusing growing. "Isn't that going a little overboard? And... Why are you holding a pie?"

"Pie's my addiction." Eames put simply, leaning his weight in a mimicking posture of Mycroft.

"And chocolate dear, don't forget about that." Mycroft added with a glimmer of amusement, though there was clearly annoyance in his eyes over the mimicking pose.

"Oh right yes.. Never." Eames sighed, he had forgotten, briefly.

"And you two are fighting? Over pie.. And.. An.. Umbrella?" Watson sighed, rubbing at his forehead muttering under his breath. "And you call Sherlock childish."

Apr. 6th, 2012


Any Way You Cut It. [Eames/Mycroft/Lestrade]

"Am I.. Interrupting?" Lestrade couldn't be sure if interrupting was the proper word of choice in this situation. Not when he walked into Mycroft's kitchen to find an unfamiliar man with his face literally shoved into the center of a pie. Mycroft was leaned casually against the counters, arms over his chest and an adoring smile on his face.

Perhaps interrupting wasn't at all the right word.

"Not at all Gregory, I'm helping Mr. Eames here with his chocolate and pie addiction." still smiling, Mycroft turned his attention to the Detective Inspector. "Please, do come in."

Lestrade entered the kitchen just as Eames pulled his face free of the pie, chocolate coating every inch of it. "Yes, I can see that you're helping..."

"Sarcasm doesn't suit you Gregory, neither does jealousy." Mycroft whispered pulling Lestrade to him and into a hug. "He's just here for a brief stay. He's doing rather well."

Frowning Lestrade glanced at the forger. "Who is he?"

"A friend.." Mycroft tipped his head slightly. "An acquaintance."

"It's alright to call him a friend Mycroft, you make friends easier than your brother." Lestrade smiled, pressing himself against Mycroft. "Not that Sherlock is capable of making friends."

"He has John."

"He does.." Lestrade had to agree with that. "But I think John is his only friend, no one else could put up with him."

There's a strange, happy-groaning sound from the table. "S'good. S'good." Eames muttered as he tried to clean his face of pudding and bits of pie crust using his fingers.

"I'm glad you approve." Mycroft was more than amused.

"You're torturing him aren't you." Lestrade couldn't resist the smile.

"Not at all. Trying a new tactic, he was getting rather good at finding where I was hiding his chocolate stashes. I think over indulgence will be the key, give him his fill and he'll forget about eating it ever again." Mycroft paused. "For the most part."

"If he doesn't suffocate first, the man can hardly breathe through the pudding." Lestrade, sighing, grabbed a towel and passed it off to the man. "Try this, before you pass out on the floor."

Squinting past a haze of pudding and crust, Eames grabbed the towel. "Who're you?"

"Greg Lestrade."

"Oh don't be so modest Gregory." Mycroft sighed, resting a hand on the small of his back. "This is Detective Inspector, Gregory Lestrade. He's my.. I would say better half but I believe we compliment one another just nicely if I do say so myself."

"You often do say so." Lestrade smiled.

Eames blushed under the remaining layer of pudding. "You didn't just.. See all of that did you?" let's face it.. It was pretty embarrassing.

"Not all of it, most of it." he couldn't lie. Well.. He could but where would be the fun in that?

"Bullocks!" Eames cursed into the towel before hurrying out of the room. At least this was more incentive to stop eating so much damned pie.

"You could have been nicer Gregory."

"I really couldn't." he smiled. "It was too much fun seeing him blush."

Double Jeopardy (for @captaincrieffed -- again)

'Are you a fan of delicious flavor?' Eames gave an amused chuckle. He had to admit the show was humorous. A man pretending to be a psychic detective, he found humor in it even if Mycroft had rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen. Eames ignored it, at least he was enjoying himself.

He'd taken to staying with Mycroft while attempting to cure his addiction to sweets, though in hindsight he wasn't sure as to how this was helping. He'd gained four pounds since moving in, and that was on top of the three he had gained just stealing pies. Frowning to himself he flattened his shirt to reveal a bit of pudge, sighing he glances towards the kitchen.

He could smell something.. Baking pie crust?

What was that man up to now?

Slipping from the arm chair he made his way stealthily-- well kind of, Mycroft is unusually alert for a baker-- to the kitchen.

"It's not ready yet." his voice held a bit of amusement.

Eames frowned, started back for the arm chair and did a U turn back to the kitchen. "Can I at least have a look?"

Mycroft was already waiting in the door with the pie in hand. It was just the crust but it was the bowl on the table behind him that caught the forger's eye. Pudding. No. Chocolate pudding.

"You're..." Eames gulped, choking on the joyous words. "You made chocolate pudding... And pie?"

"The pudding goes into the pie." Mycroft added, with a slight raising of his eyebrows to emphasize his point. He knew that Eames was well aware of this, he just enjoyed the look on his face every time he suggested this.

As usual, Eames face took on a boyish quality, his eyes sparkling with eagerness. The look-- again as usual-- faded quickly, replaced by a resentful look. "You're not helping me, well.. You are helping but you're only helping to make me fat."

Mycroft laugh, placing a hand onto the other man's shoulder. "By the time you leave here you will be so sick of pie and chocolate you'll never want to eat it again. Trust me.. This is helping you.. In the long run." with a sweet smile he turned and walked to the table.

"If I don't die first." Eames sighed, his eyes fixed on the bowl of pudding. "Can I just.. Have a taste of that?"

"One taste." Mycroft held up an index finger.

Eames hurried over, sticking his finger into the bowl of pudding and shoving the finger into his mouth. Eyes closing, and making the happiest noise he could, he licked the pudding free. Mycroft was watching-- intrigued-- by the spectacle as Eames reached for more.

Grabbing his hand, Mycroft sigh. "Tut tut.." shaking his head he moved Eames' hand. "If you have more you'll eat the whole thing. But I'll be generous and allow you to choose. The pie, or the pudding, you cannot have both."

Eames whimpered, eyes fixed to the pudding as he thought about the golden, delicious crust that would be hidden underneath the layers of chocolate heaven. "But if you put them together then I can have both."

Sound logic.

"Exactly. But you can't have one and then the other. One or the other.. Or be patient and have both." Mycroft set the pie crust down and reached for the bowl of pudding giving it a stir so it wouldn't set. Eames whimpered at the idea of the wait, causing Mycroft to laugh. "I'll make the wait worth while."

Eames gulped, stared at the pudding as it was dropped into the pie crust. This was hell. The wait would be horrible but he could manage it, right? He had a stash of chocolate in his room, it would get him by. Turning he hurried to his room, pulled open his sock drawer to a ghastly sight.

The chocolate was gone.

"Mycroft..." the man had indeed found the stash and been generous enough to take it off Eames' hands. Feeling defeated, the forger slumped to the floor to pout.


uh.. alright. where to begin? basically i'm going to try to do fan fiction work today. i'm hiding from my personal twitter account right now. why? i've my reasons. main one though is the fact i'm in a tremendous amount of pain that is making me cry over like... everything. and by everything i mean.. everything. why the pain?

uh.. well.. i kind of fell, bad, yesterday morning. twenty four hours removed and i've a bruise on my back the size of a tennis ball, my right shoulder which is the one that was partially dislocated in november is reinjured and i can barely move it, my right upper arm down to my elbow is swollen and sore. i've a bruise on my ass. yeah. bruised ass, super fun. oh right and i've a stiff neck from my shoulder and from hitting my head.

i should probably mention this is where i fell and what i landed on:

yeah... i landed on alla that...

basically.. i'm short tempered today. but going to try to finish off some fan fics, i guess i still owe maddie another eames/mycroft fic... uh.. i got to finish off my sherlock holmes fic and my bbc sherlock fic. neither of which i feel clever enough to do today.

i guess i'll think of something? unless anyone wants a requested fic? then either reply here or lemme know via mentions? i probably will be slow to reply on twitter though, kind of trying not to post too much on there until i get myself back under control. took some pain meds (arthritis strength tylenol) to see if those help if not then uh.. well.. i don't know.

so yeah.. fan fic day and kind of an rp day. doesn't sound real fun but is better than me pissing people off in twitter because i'm being a miserable bitch today.

PS: any fan fic i post will probably be full of spelling errors and crap. i can't type well today and don't feel like going back in to edit everything before posting lol. i'll edit it eventually most likely xD

Apr. 1st, 2012


Reichenbach Playlist

As of this original post I have not seen the episode. This playlist is my songs anticipating how the episode will be based on the few things I have heard about The Reichenbach Fall. It's probably not the longest list so feel free to add song ideas to it via comments. Would love to find more songs :) and will likely be updating this post well into May when I will actually have Season 2

~ My Spirit by Lacuna Coil -- This song totally makes me cry anyway. There's a part in Italian that's just effing beautiful.
~ Down in a Hole by Alice in Chains -- Love Alice in Chains, amazing band. This song fits for a lot of things but perhaps Reichenbach the best.
~ Leave Out All the Rest -- Linkin' Park -- Okay seriously don't judge me for this one. Last night it seemed to be a good fit.
~ I Don't Believe in Tomorrow by Lacuna Coil -- Why? Because I believe in Sherlock.
~ Was it a Dream? by 30 Seconds to Mars -- This one I added to my Mp3 player because of this list.
~ Without You by Three Days Grace -- 'What if I walked without you? What if I ran without you? What if I stand without you? I could not go on.' Seriously just listen to the song!
~ Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. -- I shit you not.
~ Are You With Me by Sixx:A.M. -- This is my Cherik song but, I can also see it as a Reichenbach song because it's so powerful and fits John and Sherlock's relationship so wonderfully it hurts.
~ Alone by The Crashtones -- Totally love Sam Witwer's voice and omg this song...
~ Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin -- I just... Just listen. Please.
~ Call Me by Shinedown -- 'Call me a sinner, call me a Saint.'
~ Love Me Forever by Motorhead -- This is my ULTIMATE Reichenbach song, every fucking lyric fits. Don't believe me? Listen to it just once.
~ Set Fire to the Rain by Adele -- I know this seems strange.. But.. Everything about it for me just.. Works for this in a strange, slash type of way?
~ Don't You Remember by Adele -- Shut it!
~ My Heart is Broken by Evanescence -- As are all of our hearts.
~ Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica -- Wordless and more powerful than the Metallica version.
~ Kite by U2 -- I've no proper explanation, just the lyrics..

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