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Double Jeopardy (for @captaincrieffed -- again)

'Are you a fan of delicious flavor?' Eames gave an amused chuckle. He had to admit the show was humorous. A man pretending to be a psychic detective, he found humor in it even if Mycroft had rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen. Eames ignored it, at least he was enjoying himself.

He'd taken to staying with Mycroft while attempting to cure his addiction to sweets, though in hindsight he wasn't sure as to how this was helping. He'd gained four pounds since moving in, and that was on top of the three he had gained just stealing pies. Frowning to himself he flattened his shirt to reveal a bit of pudge, sighing he glances towards the kitchen.

He could smell something.. Baking pie crust?

What was that man up to now?

Slipping from the arm chair he made his way stealthily-- well kind of, Mycroft is unusually alert for a baker-- to the kitchen.

"It's not ready yet." his voice held a bit of amusement.

Eames frowned, started back for the arm chair and did a U turn back to the kitchen. "Can I at least have a look?"

Mycroft was already waiting in the door with the pie in hand. It was just the crust but it was the bowl on the table behind him that caught the forger's eye. Pudding. No. Chocolate pudding.

"You're..." Eames gulped, choking on the joyous words. "You made chocolate pudding... And pie?"

"The pudding goes into the pie." Mycroft added, with a slight raising of his eyebrows to emphasize his point. He knew that Eames was well aware of this, he just enjoyed the look on his face every time he suggested this.

As usual, Eames face took on a boyish quality, his eyes sparkling with eagerness. The look-- again as usual-- faded quickly, replaced by a resentful look. "You're not helping me, well.. You are helping but you're only helping to make me fat."

Mycroft laugh, placing a hand onto the other man's shoulder. "By the time you leave here you will be so sick of pie and chocolate you'll never want to eat it again. Trust me.. This is helping you.. In the long run." with a sweet smile he turned and walked to the table.

"If I don't die first." Eames sighed, his eyes fixed on the bowl of pudding. "Can I just.. Have a taste of that?"

"One taste." Mycroft held up an index finger.

Eames hurried over, sticking his finger into the bowl of pudding and shoving the finger into his mouth. Eyes closing, and making the happiest noise he could, he licked the pudding free. Mycroft was watching-- intrigued-- by the spectacle as Eames reached for more.

Grabbing his hand, Mycroft sigh. "Tut tut.." shaking his head he moved Eames' hand. "If you have more you'll eat the whole thing. But I'll be generous and allow you to choose. The pie, or the pudding, you cannot have both."

Eames whimpered, eyes fixed to the pudding as he thought about the golden, delicious crust that would be hidden underneath the layers of chocolate heaven. "But if you put them together then I can have both."

Sound logic.

"Exactly. But you can't have one and then the other. One or the other.. Or be patient and have both." Mycroft set the pie crust down and reached for the bowl of pudding giving it a stir so it wouldn't set. Eames whimpered at the idea of the wait, causing Mycroft to laugh. "I'll make the wait worth while."

Eames gulped, stared at the pudding as it was dropped into the pie crust. This was hell. The wait would be horrible but he could manage it, right? He had a stash of chocolate in his room, it would get him by. Turning he hurried to his room, pulled open his sock drawer to a ghastly sight.

The chocolate was gone.

"Mycroft..." the man had indeed found the stash and been generous enough to take it off Eames' hands. Feeling defeated, the forger slumped to the floor to pout.