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Any Way You Cut It. [Eames/Mycroft/Lestrade]

"Am I.. Interrupting?" Lestrade couldn't be sure if interrupting was the proper word of choice in this situation. Not when he walked into Mycroft's kitchen to find an unfamiliar man with his face literally shoved into the center of a pie. Mycroft was leaned casually against the counters, arms over his chest and an adoring smile on his face.

Perhaps interrupting wasn't at all the right word.

"Not at all Gregory, I'm helping Mr. Eames here with his chocolate and pie addiction." still smiling, Mycroft turned his attention to the Detective Inspector. "Please, do come in."

Lestrade entered the kitchen just as Eames pulled his face free of the pie, chocolate coating every inch of it. "Yes, I can see that you're helping..."

"Sarcasm doesn't suit you Gregory, neither does jealousy." Mycroft whispered pulling Lestrade to him and into a hug. "He's just here for a brief stay. He's doing rather well."

Frowning Lestrade glanced at the forger. "Who is he?"

"A friend.." Mycroft tipped his head slightly. "An acquaintance."

"It's alright to call him a friend Mycroft, you make friends easier than your brother." Lestrade smiled, pressing himself against Mycroft. "Not that Sherlock is capable of making friends."

"He has John."

"He does.." Lestrade had to agree with that. "But I think John is his only friend, no one else could put up with him."

There's a strange, happy-groaning sound from the table. "S'good. S'good." Eames muttered as he tried to clean his face of pudding and bits of pie crust using his fingers.

"I'm glad you approve." Mycroft was more than amused.

"You're torturing him aren't you." Lestrade couldn't resist the smile.

"Not at all. Trying a new tactic, he was getting rather good at finding where I was hiding his chocolate stashes. I think over indulgence will be the key, give him his fill and he'll forget about eating it ever again." Mycroft paused. "For the most part."

"If he doesn't suffocate first, the man can hardly breathe through the pudding." Lestrade, sighing, grabbed a towel and passed it off to the man. "Try this, before you pass out on the floor."

Squinting past a haze of pudding and crust, Eames grabbed the towel. "Who're you?"

"Greg Lestrade."

"Oh don't be so modest Gregory." Mycroft sighed, resting a hand on the small of his back. "This is Detective Inspector, Gregory Lestrade. He's my.. I would say better half but I believe we compliment one another just nicely if I do say so myself."

"You often do say so." Lestrade smiled.

Eames blushed under the remaining layer of pudding. "You didn't just.. See all of that did you?" let's face it.. It was pretty embarrassing.

"Not all of it, most of it." he couldn't lie. Well.. He could but where would be the fun in that?

"Bullocks!" Eames cursed into the towel before hurrying out of the room. At least this was more incentive to stop eating so much damned pie.

"You could have been nicer Gregory."

"I really couldn't." he smiled. "It was too much fun seeing him blush."