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Sherlock & John

Happy Birthday @kevinklines (expanded)

Alright I know I already did one of these on Twitter, so people who follow me there and are reading this? Um.. Hi? *innocent wave*

Frankly Twitter doesn’t allow enough space for everything I wanted to say and I was also just waking up so everything was just.. Not as good as I wanted. Still it was pretty good, just not.. WOW.

What was it I said? “Happy birthday to the lovely, super sweet, super amazing, bestiest besty of mine I hope she has an amazing day *noddles*“?

Something along those lines anyhow.. (okay that’s actually a copy/paste of what I said, hush it!)

What I really wanted to say was something like:

Happy birthday to the person who is the Watson to my Holmes, the Katniss to my Peeta, the lovely, super sweet, super amazing, bestiest besty of mine. I hope she has an amazing day and I hope she gets all those Kevin Kline dvds she asked for, because frankly her addiction to him is far worse than her addiction to Arrested Development. (seriously it’s bad, shhh).

I hope she knows how important she is for me and how grateful I am to have her in my life. She’s one of the few people who have helped me to want to become a better person despite all of the rough times I’ve been facing lately. She’s helped to heal my heart in ways that I never thought, or really expected, that anyone ever could. She truly is a great person and a great friend.

She deserves the best the world has to offer, and with luck she’ll have one of the best of very many, remember what I said you’re living to be 1000 years old) birthdays to come. I love her with all of my heart, and come what may (resists urge to break out into song and go all Moulin Rouge- she’ll know the song haha) she’ll always have a place both in my heart and in my life.

Couldn’t imagine having a better friend and I’m thankful every day that she was born into this world.

I uh… Think that covers it? Yeah pretty sure that would have gotten me jailed over Twitter. So yeah.. Happy Birthday Maddie! YOU ROCK!