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For Pie and Country ( attn: @kevinklines )

"Give it back." Mycroft's ears had long since gone red after this confrontation started five minutes ago.

"Then give me the pie." Eames huffed out a laugh. He'd found Mycroft's weakness, now it was time to make him crack. He'd noticed it when he first arrived and began to work on curing his problems. Mycroft had a fondness for umbrellas, not just umbrellas per say but one in particular that he took with him wherever he went. Of course the sticky fingered thief wasn't going to let this chance pass him by.

"This isn't funny any longer give it back, now." Mycroft found it hard to resist the urge to stamp his foot like a small child about to throw a tantrum over not getting his favorite toy.

"You're really attached to this thing." Eames smiled all the more, giving Mycroft's prized umbrella a twirl in his hand.

"It's my favorite umbrella, if anything happens to.. John! How lovely to see you again. How is my brother doing, I trust he's getting along with the case well?" Mycroft's anger instantly melted into fondness as John Watson entered the flat.

Watson of course stood in the doorway a look of confusion on his face as his eyes shifted between Eames who was holding an umbrella, and Mycroft who was holding a pie in his hands. Of course his mind went over who this new man was and why he had the umbrella, further more he had no idea why Mycroft was randomly holding a pie. From what he had been so spectacularly informed by Sherlock, Mycroft's food of choice was often cake.

"Did I come at a bad time? Should I have phoned first?" his eyes continued to go between them.

"Not at all, John. I'm just helping Mr. Eames here with a bit of an addiction problem, he however has decided to be funny and steal my umbrella." the anger was quick to come back to Mycroft's face as Eames gave him a cheeky smile. "I could have you killed for this."

"For.. Stealing your.. Umbrella?" Watson shifted his weight on his feet, his confusing growing. "Isn't that going a little overboard? And... Why are you holding a pie?"

"Pie's my addiction." Eames put simply, leaning his weight in a mimicking posture of Mycroft.

"And chocolate dear, don't forget about that." Mycroft added with a glimmer of amusement, though there was clearly annoyance in his eyes over the mimicking pose.

"Oh right yes.. Never." Eames sighed, he had forgotten, briefly.

"And you two are fighting? Over pie.. And.. An.. Umbrella?" Watson sighed, rubbing at his forehead muttering under his breath. "And you call Sherlock childish."